• Rates are per person and are based on occupancy, are subject to change, and are based on availability. Taxes & port charges are subject to change. The cruise line reserves the right to implement a fuel surcharge if the cost of fuel increases. 

  • All cabins are double occupancy. It is the responsibility of each guest to arrange for a roommate. If you do not have a roommate, we will attempt to pair you with another solo traveler, however we make no guarantees and you will be responsible for the full double occupancy price if no roommate is found.

  • Croppers must add $150 for the Crops Plus registration fee. Non-crafting roommates do not have to pay this fee. In order to participate in this conference, you MUST book through Stephanie at Key to the Wold Travel. If you book direct or with another agent, you are not eligible to be part of the Crops Plus cruise. This may be paid within 4 weeks of registration.

  • Crops Plus registration fee must be paid. Credit Cards through PayPal (no fee) are preferred. International Money Orders are accepted. All payments must be made in US Dollars. Please email for other arrangements

  • All payments for the Cruise must be completed by March 8, 2020. Those who wish to pay balance early can do so. 

  • We have booked the Early Dining is at 5:30 PM, seating together. For other arrangements, please let Stephanie know during registration.

  • Group Rates on Rooms: See here. Other categories, suites, single, triple- and quad-occupancy pricing available on request.

  • Gratuities for this cruise are additional and can be pre-paid through Stephanie.

  • All group scrapbooking activities will take place in a dedicated area as set by the cruise line. 

  • All classes, workshops, meetings, and group events are included in the activity fees charged by Crops Plus and are not sponsored, provided, nor endorsed by the cruise line or Key to the World Travel.

  • Upon registration, we will invite you to participate in a secret Facebook group where we can chat and prepare and share information on the upcoming cruise.

  • I understand that by registering for this cruise, I agree to the terms and conditions listed herein as well as those put forth in the Waiver and Release of Liability, which will need to be signed when Crops Plus Registration is due,

Why is our travel agent "price" higher than what's currently advertised on the Royal Caribbean website?

There are several reasons why the prices look different and why we went with the customized service of an experienced travel agent.

  1. We booked a group rate which will allow us to have a secured, dedicated room for scrapbooking the whole cruise, including being able to leave and lock our belongings. No lugging things back and forth and unsure if the ship directors would have a space for us to work every day

  2. Our group rate allows several flexible payment options that RC does not allow through the website:

    1. No deposit is required upfront

    2. Any payments made before 90 days out are FULLY refundable (and then a tiered cancellation calendar less than 3 months before sailing) whereas RC keeps at least $500 unless you pay extra

    3. Most importantly, we have made arrangements for interest free monthly payments. RC's current monthly payment plan has 15-36% interest based on your credit score. None of that here! We will work with you to create payments fit for your budget as long as everything is paid by the final due date in early March 2020.

  3. If you go through RC cruises, their current "sale" price is for their cheapest cabin, which you do not get to pick and does not include taxes and fees. If you go through the process right now and include our cabin class, all taxes and fees and pay extra for the refundable deposit, (which we include), our prices are only $13 more/person for the inside cabin and $79 LESS/person for the outside view cabins.

We think the event details and amenities we have put together are a pretty great deal for basically the same price - or cheaper!

What is included in the price?

Your meals and entertainment are included in your cruise package.  Please note, there are some optional amenities that will incur additional costs, including, but not limited to: soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, photo packages, spa treatments, on-board shopping, gambling, and anything you might do in port or off the ship.  You will also be charged for gratuities and optional travel insurance Royal Caribbean may also elect to institute a fuel service charge.


Do I have to pay for food/beverages?

Your meals and beverages are provided on the cruise at no extra cost.  This includes the main dining room, buffets, casual dining restaurants, and room service.  Exceptions to this include any specialty restaurants, late night room service (between midnight and 5:00 AM), the coffee shop, dessert bar, ice cream parlor, candy store, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.  For more information on beverages on the cruise, please see here.


What is a SeaPass card?

The SeaPass card is basically your onboard charge card.  During check-in, you will either deposit cash into your SeaPass account or link it to a credit or debit card.  Whenever you make purchases onboard, they will be charged to your SeaPass account and the total will be invoiced at the end of the cruise.  The SeaPass card will also serve as your boarding pass and must be carried with you along with photo ID whenever you go onshore.  On some ships, the SeaPass card also serves as your stateroom key.


Do I need a passport?

US Citizens must travel with passports. If you do not have one or yours is expired, please visit travel.state.gov for information on how to apply/renew. Your passport should be valid 6 months after the conclusion of your trip. PLEASE DO THIS NOW!

What if I can't travel/Can I purchase travel insurance?

You can purchase optional insurance at an additional cost that will protect you in case you are unable to travel after you have paid for your cruise.  Additionally, travel insurance will help recover the cost of lost luggage and/or medical expenses incurred if you are sick or injured during your trip (many domestic health insurance plans will not cover expenses incurred while on a cruise, check your provider for coverage).  Please contact us to discuss the rates and limitations of coverage.


What else is there to do on the ship?

A cruise ship is a lot like a city at sea.  There are LOTS of things to do at all hours of the day and night.  


What kind of things can I do in port?

Each port offers a wide variety of planned off-ship Excursions that can be booked through the cruise line once you have received your boarding documents.  Prices for excursions vary.  You can book them online or you can wait and book excursions once you are on board, however, you should be aware that popular excursions fill up fast.  If you know you want to participate in a specific excursion, you should book it in advance.  You may also opt to venture out on your own, or simply stay aboard the ship and enjoy some of the amenities there.  For a full list of available excursions, please visit RoyalCaribbean.com.


How much luggage can I bring?

What kinds of clothing should I bring?

We will discuss this together on the Facebook Page and in attendee emails. Including Packing List suggestions!


Will there be electrical outlets?

The staterooms have 110v A/C outlets.  You may bring blow dryers, shavers, curing irons, etc., but you may not use irons or heating pads in the staterooms.  You are welcome to bring a portable CD/MP3/iPod, etc. for personal use, however, you will have to use headphones in public areas.  We often advise guests to bring a small extension cord and/or power strip, especially if you will be charging phones or laptops or if you will be using your electronics in the crop room.  The electrical outlets are usually on the vanity, therefore guests who use a CPAP machine must bring an extension cord in order to reach the bed. There will be a limited amount of electrical plugs available in the crop room, please do not expect to bring a lot of electronic equipment.


Are there any restrictions to what I can bring onboard?

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, cruise lines prohibit guests from bringing certain items on board, i.e., weapons, candles, irons, alcohol, or other dangerous goods.  According to policy, the cruise line will conduct security scanning of all baggage and if prohibited items are found, they will be removed and stored on board for safekeeping until the end of the voyage.  The retained item(s) will be available for collection in onboard designated location on the morning of debarkation. Unsealed liquids that are prohibited will be discarded, as well as any unclaimed items left after the voyage, and no compensation will be given in either case.  Additionally, the cruise line reserves the right to confiscate (and destroy) any articles that in the cruise line's discretion are considered dangerous or pose a risk or inconvenience to the safety and security of the ship, or guests, and no compensation will be provided.    For additional information, please refer to the terms and conditions of your cruise ticket contract.


Confiscated Items   

• Alcohol (hard liquor)/sealed, unopened bottles

• Beer/sealed, unopened bottles/cans

• Wine or champagne/sealed, unopened bottles - beyond the allowable limit of one bottle (750 ml. size) per adult 21 years of age (brought on at embarkation time only) (two bottles per stateroom)

• Clothing irons and steamers (laundry facilities with irons and ironing boards are available)

• Electrical and household appliances (i.e. coffee makers, hot plates, toasters, etc.)

• Candles

• Heating Pads

• Incense

• Hookah

Prohibited Items – will be disposed of prior to boarding  

• Large coolers

• Illegal drugs or substances

• Alcohol in unsealed containers 

• Firearms (Including, non-firing weapons and starter pistols)

• Ammunition (i.e., bullets, shot or missile that can be fired using a propellant)

• Imitation or replica weapons (Including., de-commissioned weapons or those not capable of being fired, toy weapons, or any other item made, intended or adapted to be used as a weapon)

• Explosives or explosive component parts, (Including, detonators)

• Fireworks or pyrotechnics (except those previously approved in connection with a company stage production which have been properly manifested)

• Taser or electronic stun guns

• Pepper or mace sprays 

• Telescopic or regular batons

•  Martial arts equipment (Including., flails, throwing stars, belt buckle knives, etc.)

• Handcuffs, brass knuckles

• Compressed gas bottles/cylinders

• Knives with blades longer than four (4) inches ( Recreational dive knives are allowed but must be held in the custody of the Guest Services Manager or Chief Security Officer and must be checked out/in by the owner for dive excursions during the cruise.)

• Dive tanks (empty or full), diver spears/slings  

• Household goods or tools of trade

• Volatile and highly flammable liquids such as cigarette lighter fluid

• Other dangerous chemicals such as bleach or paint

• Scissors with blades longer than four (4) inches (Large scissors of the type used by scrapbook and quilting enthusiasts are at times permitted with prior notification from the Security Services Department, but are held onboard in the same manner as dive knives.)

• Medical Marijuana

• Bicycles

• Baseball bats, hockey sticks, cricket bats or bow and arrow

• Surfboards or skateboards

• Scooters (only permitted if used for mobility - must be stored in guest's stateroom)

• Boats/canoes

• Segways

• Any footwear with wheels, i.e. Heely's type shoes

• HAM radios


How do I cruise with diabetes, a CPAP, a special diet, or a wheelchair?

Traveling with medical conditions should not be difficult if you know what to expect and are prepared. The most important thing you can do is alert your travel agent (that's us!) that you have special medical needs, that you will be bringing medical equipment with you, or that you need medical equipment while onboard.  We can make arrangements with the cruise line to make sure you have access to your equipment and have a safe, healthy, and fun cruise.  Here are a few tips for some common medical conditions, supplies, and equipment:


If you have food allergies or require a specific diet, please let us know.  Cruise lines are often able to accommodate special diets for diabetes, gluten intolerance, vegetarian, and food allergies such as nuts. By letting us know in advance, we can alert the ship, and avoid potential complications.


If you are diabetic and take insulin, the cruise line may be able to provide a refrigerator in your cabin for storage of your insulin, or may provide access to refrigeration nearby.  You should also request a sharps container for disposal of needles, pens, lancets, and other bio-hazardous materials.  DO NOT dispose of your bio-hazardous material in the trashcan, as you endanger the health of your traveling companions, stewards, and other staff onboard. 


If you use a CPAP machine, you will need to take a few extra measures to make sure you can use your CPAP onboard.  Since a CPAP machine is considered medical equipment, you will want to carry it with you along with your carry-on luggage for both the cruise and any airline flights.  You will not be able to bring distilled water with you, so be sure to let your travel agent know that you are bringing a CPAP onboard so that arrangements can be made to bring you distilled water once you are on the cruise.  You should also remind your cabin steward once you are onboard. Most cruise ships have a limited number of electrical outlets, and they are usually located near the desk/dressing table. For this reason, you may need an extension cord.  Some cruise lines allow you to bring them onboard and some do not.  If we know about your CPAP, we can advise you whether you can bring one or need to ask for one once you get onboard.  For more information and helpful tips about traveling with your CPAP, please visit this website and speak to your doctor.


Persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or scooter can request a handicap-accessible cabin, however, you should note that there are a limited number of these, and they may not be available in our group allotment, therefore the pricing will vary.  Please let us know about your interest in an accessible cabin when you book your cruise. Wheelchairs and scooters must be stored in your cabin when not in use. You may request the temporary use of a wheelchair for embarkation -- please let us know in advance.

When is the crop room open?

All group scrapbooking activities will take place in a dedicated area as set by the cruise line. We are working on determining the size of the tables. We have 24/7 access to the room, but if that is not necessary, hours of the room will be decided as us a group.

Can I leave my scrapbooking supplies in the crop room?



Are there any classes?

Yes, there will be two! We will use Cocoa Vanilla products and more information will be provided later.


Will there be goodie bags?

Every scrapbooker will receive a goodie bag from Crops Plus.  The bags will be handed out during the Meet & Greet on the first night of the cruise.  Additionally, all group members will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

What kinds of tools and scrapbooking supplies can/should I bring?

We are working on a list of approved tools that the cruise line will allow you to bring.  All tools must meet the approved guidelines.  More details will be available at a later date. When packing tools, it is advised that you partner with your friends to bring only what is necessary, and avoid duplicating larger and seldom-used tools if possible.  Don't forget to bring lots of adhesive.  We suggest you plan your pages and projects and make a list of supplies you will need to work on them.  When we have the complete list of approved items, we will post it on this website.


Will there be a group photo?

We will try to schedule a time for group photos.  


What if I get seasick?

If you should feel queasy, medicine is available from your stateroom steward, the information desk, or the ship infirmary.

More information coming soon!


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